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How to live with less stress and more positivity

Everyone today suffers from stress and tension.  I can show you skills to live your daily life in a happier, healthier more relaxed and balanced way. I am passionate about helping people make the best of their life and Stressless Living shows you  ways to cope with stress in our increasingly hectic and demanding lives enabling you to live your life more fully.

Stressless living is a combination of all the different elements of my work over the past decades;  integrating yoga  breathing and relaxation techniques, combined with positive thinking, laughter and happiness.  You will learn how to increase awareness of self and take more control of your life. This includes boosting confidence levels, changing the way you look at life, and learning to make the right choices so that you become a happier, more positive, fulfilled and less stressed person.

Whatever walk of life you come from, whether its a stressed out parent, pressurised executive or struggling student I can provide you with simple tools which you can use to integrate into, and improve your daily life and learn to look at life in a more positive way.

I have been practicing and teaching Hatha yoga for over 30 years.  I call my style StressLess Yoga making yoga accessible to all.  Since 2006 I have run StressLess Yoga holidays in  Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Egypt and more recently a  new venue in SW France..

In 2002 my life changed when I trained with Dr Kataria the founder of Laughter Yoga International, becoming a Laughter Leader Trainer shortly after. In 2006 Dr Kataria awarded me Laughter Ambassador status and I am a Co- Founder of the Laughter Network. Positive Psychologist Robert Holden has been a great influence on me and I trained on his Happiness Course. More recently I have trained with Dr David Hamilton author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body and I use his visualisation techniques to bring the mind and body together.

StressLess Living is a fusion of my work incorporating yoga stretches, breath awareness, positive psychology, laughter, relaxation and visualisation.  The first StressLess Living course was devised for staff at Gt Ormond St Hospital where I taught yoga and laughter yoga for many years.  This was very successful and resulted in regular StressLess Living courses being run.

I have worked extensively with the NHS  running workshops for carers and people who have cancer, mental health issues, diabetes, ME etc, and am a Guest Presenter for Champneys Health Resorts. Several TV and radio programmes have featured my work.





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