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Clanfield Community Centre 6th August – 17th September    7.00 – 8.30pm £54.00

This yoga course incorporates yoga poses  which will strengthen your body and relax your mind.  Through stretching,  breathing and relaxation you will find that you  sleep better, have more energy and learn to live in a happier, healthier way.  Suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Clanfield, 28th August – 9th October 2019.  7.00 – 8.30pm.  £90.00

This course could change your life for the better.   Improve sleep, feel less stressed and more confident.  Learn simple relaxation, breathing and yoga techniques to de-stress your mind and body.  Julie’s Jewels of Wisdom will help you live a more peaceful, positive, healthier  and happier life.  Call 07973 164 369. or e mail


Arrange a get together at your house – have 6 friends and your place is free £90.00 per person


I really felt the difference too! I felt very sad in the morning and filled with joy when I left. THANK YOU!

A huge thank you Julie! I keep finding I’m smiling and trying to remember why I’m feeling happy and then realising there’s no actual reason!? A Strange but very welcome feeling!
Thank you very much for a wonderful day on Friday I really enjoyed it  – we need more of you in the world bringing this level of joy and happiness

e mail or call 07973 164 369 to secure your place

SLL Booking form 2015

Quotes from  participants of Stressless Living course

“This course has been wonderful.  I’m feeling more relaxed, less stressed and am learning not to take on responsibilities for things that are outside my control”

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the course, deep breathing becoming a part of my life, especially as I have difficulty sleeping.’

‘I have really enjoyed the course.  Julie is a great teacher – so warm and funny.  I’ve learned lots of different techniques and general tips and have put some into regular practice.  I am feeling more positive and am much more aware of my breath. ‘

‘Prior to this course I have always had problems in going to sleep and waking in the middle of the night. The Stressless Living course  has completely solved this.”

ACTION FOR HAPPINESS  Julie is a facilitator for the Action for Happiness  8 week course  “Exploring what Matters”.

Join our local Facebook group.  Action for Happiness Solent

The pledge for members is  “I will try to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around me”

For more information on how to get more happiness into your life, at home, at work and at play and in your community, or to find a course near you visit

Julie is a  Guest Presenter for Champneys  Forest Mere

Dates for 2019 :   17th & 18th July :  18th & 19th September :   Wednesday evening and  Thursday morning

Evening Talk “Laugh your Way to Health & Happiness”  followed  by a   Laughter Yoga class the next day

 LAUGHTER YOGA LEADER  TRAINING with Julie & Lesley, Chichester, West Sussex  15th & 16th June,  9th & 10th November 2019

Spend an amazing weekend learning how to become a Laughter Yoga Leader with two of the most experienced Laughter Yoga Leaders in the UK and spread laughter and happiness throughout society.   You will learn about the history of Laughter Yoga which started in 1995, experience the health benefits of laughter, how to start a laughter club,   127 page Training Manual and optional 6 months membership of Dr Kataria’s Professional Zone  and much, much more as you laugh your way to health and happiness with a group of like minded people.

Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and spread laughter and happiness with Julie and Lesley   at the beautiful Hamblin Hall, Bosham,  in June and New Park Centre Chichester in November     £245  or £195 if booked a month in advance


The LYLT has been so extra-ordinarily heart opening, warming and joyous. They teachers held a space which felt safe, fun and light-hearted. I feel confident to go out in the world and share and spread laughter. What I didn’t expect was to see everyone in the group BLOSSOM so much and to bond so quickly with everyone – but I guess that is the power of love and laughter!  

CONTACT : to book and for more info


Julie’s talks The Art of StressLess Living or Laugh your way to Health and Happiness are wonderfully informative and uplifting.  Here are some quotes from my talks.

Alison Pearce  Joint Co-ordinator
Julie came to give a talk in November to our Federation of Holistic Therapists
Group in Waterlooville.  The information about the benefits of laughter was certainly interesting as well as entertaining!  As a therapist I shall certainly encourage my clients to have more fun to help with the stress in their lives.  Our group were willing participants in the exercises and the energy of the room was so alive and uplifting at the end of the evening.  Fantastic!  Thanks very much  Julie

Lymington Positive Living Group

Thanks so much for coming to Lymington.  It was a delight to meet you with your big, big smile.  Something changed in me, a feel of,  “life is fun ” …. now with your inspirational laughter evening I shall add this to the rest of my healing knowledge.

Thanks so much for coming to Lymington Positive Living Group and making it a fun session to break up for summer with.  I think it went perfectly . 🙂

Julie outside Champneys Forest Mere

Julie outside Champneys Forest Mere

Julies Talk & Champneys

Julies Talk & Champneys


Laughter Leaders July 2015

Laughter Yoga Funky Chicken

Laughter Yoga Funky Chicken


Laughter Yoga Leaders October 2013

Laughter Yoga Leaders October 2013

Laughter Yoga Leaders April 2013

Laughter Yoga Leaders April 2013




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