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Wellbeing and Being Well in the Workplace

Companies are beginning to realise they need to look after their staff to get the best out of them and increasingly Wellbeing Days are being introduced to the workplace.  Julie can run a laughter and happiness session for you or focus and  StressLess Living with breathing and relaxation skills which will calm you in minutes and are easily integrated into your daily life, resulting in a more positive outlook and increased creativity and productivity.

Julie has been appointed a Wellbeing Expert by Aromatherapy Associates connected with their Relax range.  See Julie on her YouTube channel here

StressLess Living & Laughter in the Workplace

Corporate employees are often expected to be Corporate Athletes but unless there is balance in their life there WILL be Burn Out!  Then the employee is no good to their office, their home, their friends or themselves and this is an expensive way to run a business!  Stress related illness has overtaken back ache as the number one cause of absenteeism and costs industry tens of millions of pounds a year.

Balance is the key. Being able to perform at optimum level, keeping mind, body and spirit harmonious, requires an understanding of when to stop and what to do in order to keep energy and output at their maximum.

The course was designed over ten years ago to meet a request from Great Ormond Street Hospital who had enjoyed many one off laughter yoga sessions but wanted something that would have a more lasting effect.  Several courses have now been run to the benefit of the staff.   This six week Stressless & Positive Living course will teach simple tools you can integrate into your daily life to be more aware of stress and how to deal with it before it becomes a problem. Combining yogic breathing and relaxation techniques for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing everyone will benefit.

A one off Laughter Yoga/StressLess Living session is a great idea for a team Away Day or starting or ending a Conference,ensuring that everyone is on a Natural High, connected in a playful and fun way which they will remember for ever.

Laughter Yoga brings people together and is a wonderful way of teambuilding, de-stressing  or just having some fun at work – lighten up with laughter!

Each session is tailor made to suit your requirements so call Julie to discuss your company’s needs 07973 164 369  or e mail   Julie at

“We formed a big circle in a large empty room, a mix of 30 strangers and office acquaintances, unsure of what was to come next. It was admittedly awkward when we were told to laugh, the group’s typical British reserve on full display. But our facilitator coaxed us out of our comfort zones, and we relaxed into the silliness of the moment. Our forced chuckles gave way to wholehearted belly laughs, a spirit of joy and play overtaking the offices. We all have moments of tears and heartache – and laughter can be a potent remedy. So during the U.K.’s recent “Blue Monday,” employees at our office gathered to embrace joy in the face of sadness, for a workshop on the restorative power of a good laugh. And it worked. We literally could not stop laughing, this diverse group of co-workers, instantly connected through one of the most basic of human experiences. Days later, I still chuckle at the memory – and that has to be a good thing, for mind as well as body. With all of the difficult, sometimes tragic, things that life throws our way, there is always the grace of a smile, and the uplifting sound of a laugh, to get us by.”

International Bank employee based in London

“Julie’s session was a perfect way to breakdown barriers and stress levels. A group of stressed and tired people arrived for the session but a group of happy and visibly relaxed people left.  Julie was excellent at getting everyone into the spirit of the session and we were 11 people from 9 different countries.”  JAM PR session for Boots Beauty Bloggers

“At the end of the session with Julie I felt physically, loose and relaxed, less weighed down. Emotionally, I felt cheerful and free. Mentally, I felt clear-headed and considerably less stressed.  I most enjoyed the feeling of being able to let go entirely, to forget about the daily stress of being judged. I felt like I was in a safe space, which I believe was thanks to Julie’s calming and radiant energy and leadership.”  Hult Business School,  Student Services & Welfare Manager

Before attending the session I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it was great! I laughed so hard I felt like I’d had a proper workout by the end of the session and it brightened up my day!   Many thanks
Charmaine   HR Project Manager BNP

You brought a great energy to the session, it was a different experience indeed and definitely reminded me to try to bring more light and laughter into each day – it does make you feel better to smile and have that ‘happy place’ of escapism.

Stephanie  – Publicis Senior Account Manager  for session with Nestle



Corporate Clients include

JP Morgan



Impact International   Learn Fest 2015

Bank National de Paris BNP

Publicis Ad Agency/Nestle

South West Trains


Royal Society for Public Health


MAC Cosmetics


Urban Retreat Spa at Harrods

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Hult Business School

Mind Gym

Jam PR Agency

Wax Communications

Bourne Leisure and Butlins

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